The Sealed Knot in Plympton


In July 2004 as part of the commemoration of the 1100th anniversary of the town, the Sealed Knot were invited to re-enact a civil war battle on the castle green. They fought on the Saturday and the Sunday, with the local turnout to watch being very good. During the evenings, all of the members wore period costumes, and drank the local pubs dry. A good weekend was had by all. Here are some of pictures of the weekend.

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Royalist Army appear in High Street

Colonel Reid (centre) leads Sir Nicholas Slannings Regiment through the high street. 

Pikemen with campfollowers (women). 

Royalist Army. 

Castle Green with Royalist camp.

Sir Nicholas Slannings Regiment of the Sealed Knot (royalist) on castle green. 

Royalist musketeers fire a volley. 

Drums and colours. 

The roundheads fire their cannons! 

Roundhead musketeers prepare to fire. 

Roundhead pikemen with their officer (yellow sash). 

Roundhead musketeers. 

Royalist Artillery. 

Roundheads prepare to attack.

Royalist pike advance! 

Push of pike! 

The clash of battle!

Roundhead musketeers.

Roundhead pike prepare to attack.

March on!

Roundhead commanders observe battle. 

Commentary kindly provided by Martin Jones.

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